How To Get The Commitment You Want

Leigha Lake

If you’re struggling to understand why men aren’t stepping up and giving you the commitment you desire, you’re not alone!

Most likely you’ve dated all types of men but for some reason they don’t seem to be able to take your relationship all the way to a lifelong commitment.

You’re amazing and you know you have a lot to offer ANY man, so how come men don’t seem to “see” you?

When you learn how to UNCOVER your feminine essence you’ll quickly be able to embody the Goddess inside of you, without going in and trying to remove the subconscious beliefs of not being good enough, or deserving enough, or that what you want may not be meant for you.

If you don’t learn how to let yourself open up and be your most authentic, vulnerable self (this is also your most magnetic and irresistible self) – you’ll attract men who can’t (or choose not to) consistently give you the time, love, attention and affection you desire.

What Are You Resisting?

  • What is it you’re afraid of? Are you afraid of being alone?
  • Are you attracting men who withdraw and disappear? Where are you not expressing yourself fully?
  • Are you willing to stay in a relationship where you “kind of” feel loved, safe and adored?
  • Are you willing to stay with a man who doesn’t claim you 1000%?
  • What about your body? Do you despise parts of your body?  Do you wish you were different somehow?

I can remember experiencing all of these things.  I can specifically remember when I started to feel a man distance himself and then when I brought it up, he told me not to get “needy” on him. So, I then pretended everything was “OK” accidentally putting him on a pedestal instead of wondering why I’m with a guy who would even say something like to me.

I then went on a really strict diet so I could be “perfect” and have the confidence back that I craved.

The degree that you don’t love your body and your life EXACTLY as it is right now, is absolutely RELATED to the amount of love and intimacy you’ll allow yourself to receive.

Just like that amount of love and energy we put into a relationship when a man is doing nothing is directly related to the amount of anger and frustration we feel.

I used to have the habit of thinking, “I would be so much happier if…” “I’ll be happy when…” And this only kept me stuck in a never ending cycle of “waiting” for my life to get better, and this kept bringing me experiences to perpetuate feelings of waiting for my life to get better.

Moment by moment see if you can see your life as perfect, just as it is.

This also means being open to new possibilities even if it means being willing to walk away, not pushing for what you want and giving your man space to see what he’s capable of.

Connect To The Goddess Inside You And Open Up To Receive The Love (And Life) You Desire

Here’s the truth – your love life right now – whether it’s what you want or it isn’t what you want is showing you how much you’re willing to TRUST yourself which allows you to trust a man.

Your body is the KEY to opening up the gateway to the love and abundance your heart desires.  It’s where all creation comes from and all creation is intertwined with chaos. The process in never linear. (I’m still learning this!)

If you can be in your body AND in the unknown and embrace feeling chaotic and out of control at the same time – you’ll become more powerful in your life and allow more expansion than you ever thought possible.

You’ll no longer try and control what can never be controlled – how a man feels or what he does or doesn’t do. You’ll be able to allow and receive the love that’s ALWAYS been yours!

When you learn to live from your Feminine Essence (your Inner Goddess), you’ll quickly start to see what’s actually been in front of you all along. You’ll have the awareness to “see” whether or not you’re with a man who can give you the commitment you deserve.

Love, Leigha

P.S. If you’re ready to learn how to open up and receive the most amazing love that’s absolutely meant for you, and stop the endless cycle of men who aren’t capable of giving you the commitment you deserve.

In this program, you’ll learn…

* How to close the gap between you and your desires so a man stops feeling pressured – which will automatically make him feel compelled to get as close as possible.

* Create the kind of deep heart-to-heart connection that makes him see you different than any other woman.

* How to make commitment HIS idea, instead of you trying to figure it out (this will make it so much easier for you!).

* How to leverage your Feminine Essence so he instinctively feels compelled to commit without any game playing, convincing or ultimatums on your end.


Here’s what Jade had say about her experience:

“My experience with Leigha and her coaching has transformed my life! After heartache, loneliness and the void in obtaining the love I wanted to give/receive, I now have a beautiful committed relationship where I feel loved, appreciated and beautiful every single day.

 The tools Leigha provided, helped me to redirect my energy in such a powerful way that it’s not just my relationship seeing results. I am effortlessly drawing to me everything I have ever wanted. I have discovered how much I love being a woman and how owning that radiant feminine energy has to offer. People around me have been able to witness my transformation and wonder what I have done to change my life and love experiences.
Leigha is a clear, open and loving hearted woman who is doing exactly what she is best at….reminding us of who we really are, providing the heart centered return home within ourselves. If you’re ready, her tools and coaching will most definitely facilitate major shifts in your love life! ” – Jade Southworth



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