How To Embody The Energy To Receive At Your Highest Level

Leigha Lake

There’s a tool I created a couple of years ago that allows a woman to open herself up to receive at her highest level and tune into the best version of herself so she can show up as a healthy relationship partner (for herself and everyone else). 

It’s called “The Liferaft.”

This one tool can transform your entire life and the way you operate in the world. 

Imagine that you have a life raft, and so does everyone else. 

Your life raft is your “inner” home. It’s your safety and security.

It’s not outside of you.

As long as you don’t leave your life raft and you learn to trust in its ability to support you with whatever you need, then you’ll access the magic and power that’s talked about with LOA and energy work. 

Become so familiar with your own life raft that the thought of abandoning it is not even an option. 

You must also know and trust that everyone else has their own life raft, so you don’t try and save them or pull them into yours.

When do we abandon our life raft? When we give our power away in our relationships and life circumstances. When we don’t listen to our intuition. When we think the grass is greener. When we turn in on ourselves and think we’re not good enough.

When you feel solid, safe, secure, and grounded in your life raft, you naturally embody the high energy frequency of wholeness. This embodiment is the magic of life!!

Practice feeling into the energy of your life raft as much as possible for the next week, and watch what happens! Notice if you begin receiving more love and abundance without doing anything “extra” to make it happen.

What does your life raft feel like?? 

If you’d like to learn more and go deeper into the energy work, I highly recommend checking out my program, Receive.

Women are loving it!! And I’ve received feedback that Receive is the best program women have ever gone through. 

Let me know what comes up for you when you activate your life raft!

Leigha xx 


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