How To Be Successful With Online Dating – Heartbreak To Happiness

Leigha Lake

We’re only weeks into our 12 Week Program and already the women in the “Bring Any Man Close” Coaching Program  are experiencing a dramatic shift in their love lives!

I love hearing the success they’re having!  Here’s an email I wanted to share with you (with permission from the author.)

This woman came to me feeling frustrated and confused about a man who just wasn’t stepping up – and we’ve all been there!

Within weeks after she started the program – she’s experiencing how good and scary it feels when a man CAN do relationship and he’s more than willing to pursue her.

“Hi Leigha!

I wanted to give you an update on how my dates went with this new guy the past few days. After Tuesday night, I wasn’t so sure about him but we went to the movies on Friday and the beach yesterday and I’m really starting to like him a lot more. He made me feel so comfortable both days, held my hand and stroking my arm throughout the whole movie. He’s paid for everything. I asked him at the beach yesterday if I could treat him to a drink and he smiled and said you can treat me by walking up there with me. So when we were driving home, he said he always likes to say out loud what he’s thinking and told me he’s not good with timelines and what should be right, but he said he would be fine with just dating me and no one else. I was shocked. lol. I didn’t really know what to say so I said we can take things slow and see where it goes. He invited me to a concert on Friday and said he would love to see me before but knows with my busy schedule we may not be able to. I’m not ready to commit to him completely yet although I really like him and can see a future there.

I also told a bunch of my friends about you and your website. I hope they take advantage because you have been amazing in helping me.

Talk to you soon.  Amanda”

Amanda has stopped accidentally pushing love away and is now experiencing what love feels like from the very beginning – the way it’s supposed to be!

When you learn how men and relationships really work – you CAN attract true love effortlessly and practically overnight.

I’m so excited to hear the updates on this new romance!


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