How To Always Be In The Right Place At The Right Time To Attract Love

Leigha Lake

Hi, Leigha here…

Have you ever been faced with a big life decision (like what career path to take, getting married, getting divorced, moving long distance, leaving a safe career to follow your heart…) and you wished you could look into the future so you could be sure you were making the best choice? 

Do you remember feeling so conflicted and lost? Not to mention the time spent analyzing, going back and forth and being consumed..  it’s painful not knowing what to do… 

Maybe you’re feeling that way right now? 

I’ve been there SO many times in the past.

When we feel this way, we turn to friends and family members who will give us their perspective. Honestly, it’s not usually helpful because they’re typically coming from a paradigm of “trying not to lose.” 

It’s a survival paradigm.

It’s difficult to get to where you want to go if you’re making choices based in survival. 

You can, but it takes way longer and it’s definitely more painful.

The truth is…you have built in superpowers to guide you in making the best decisions and the ability to collapse time and space so what you want shows up more quickly and effortlessly.

It’s your intuition.

Your intuition will guide you, but that’s just the beginning!!

When you know how to listen to, trust and follow the nudges and promptings… that’s when you access the magical life you came here to live.

The first step to accessing your intuition is becoming aware of
the wounded masculine and feminine energies and the empowered masculine and feminine energies inside yourself and out in the world so you can heal and integrate them. 

If you’re living in survival (wounded masculine or feminine) you’re navigating life with the lights OFF.

You won’t trust the messages and nudges you’re receiving because within the wounded energies there’s a DEEP mistrust of the masculine (and vice versus).

When you learn how to restore the trust between the masculine and feminine, you’ll begin operating from your empowered energies and that’s living life with the lights ON.

You can SEE clearly. This means you can trust the messages 
you’re receiving because you inherently FEEL safe, secure and supported by the Universe and your own masculine energy. (I’ll teach you step by step how to do this.)

When you trust your intuition, not only do you make the best decisions, you access the pathway to receive your desires in the quickest way possible. (This is collapsing time and space.)

This is how my clients:

attract love in weeks or months
attract pay raises
attract clients
attract new jobs
attract 20k and 29k
save marriages
turn relationships around
inspire the masculine energy to step up

… and it happens so fast.

You energetically cannot access the information that’s waiting for you when you’re living in lower energy states. 

I can show you how to transform your sabotaging behaviors and patterns so you can live a life of more ease, flow, joy and abundance.

If you want to learn how to become available for your intuition on the level that it collapses time and space FOR you, then I’ve create a step by step program you’ll LOVE! 

Intuition – How To Collapse Time And Space So You Can Manifest Your Desires More Effortlessly – starts Monday, April 29th for 4 weeks!

I’ll be teaching it live. You’ll have the option to ask questions in the chat while I’m teaching it. 

When you sign up before April 17th, (the early bird option), the investment is $97. Then the price will go up to $497.

The more intuitive you are, the more you vibrate and a higher frequency. The higher your frequency, the more magnetic you are. The more magnetic you are, the quicker you attract what you want, effortlessly. 
 >> You can read more about the program here. <<

Reply to this email if you have any questions.

If you’ve already taken Feminine Energy Secrets or The Feminine Art Of Dating, you’ll LOVE Intuition. There will be some overlap but you’ll also be hearing new information and be able to apply it to what you already know. <3

Leigha xxx 

Your intuition (Feminine) is the portal through which energy is brought into form (Masculine), and has the ability to collapse time and space (which means quicker manifestations).

Click here for more information on my new course, Intuition.


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