How I Stay In Flow And My Feminine Energy To Receive More Love And Money

Leigha Lake

Hello Lovelies,

Life has been full and busy. My oldest turned 4, and we had a Moana birthday party. We also took a trip up to northern Idaho where I grew up and rather than pushing through to try and create a newsletter and blog post, I really allowed myself stay in “flow” trusting that not pushing is the best path for me and ultimately will create the best outcome.

It feels scary sometimes to not push to try and get everything done that I feel “needs” to get done.








I wrote a post on staying in flow and how to stay open to receive more love and money…on my Facebook business page, and I wanted to share it with you here.



This morning I was lying in bed enjoying the deep silence while the rest of my family slept. Early morning has always been my favorite time of day.


….This is the time I receive my ideas and inspirations for the life I want to create. What’s been coming to me recently is to create a program helping women heal and transform their relationships with men and money while staying in the flow of life. No more pushing, struggling, sacrificing health and well-being – but creating more joy, pleasure and bliss as the path to healing and transformation.


(My “expertise” so far has been reconnecting the relationship or attracting love.) It all comes down to our energy and if we’re allowing, trusting and receiving, or if we’re pushing, and struggling.


As I was lying there…I was feeling into my relationship with money and how it has transformed dramatically over the last four years and even more so this last year.


I used to believe that I had to work really hard in order to make money, and no matter how hard I worked, it was always “just enough.”


To be honest I still find that theme come up for me at times.


As I was lying there, I felt a deep love and appreciation for money as if we were in a real relationship (we actually are in a relationship).


I allowed myself to tune into the idea and feeling that money always wants to be with me now.


“Money wants to stay with me.”


“Money loves me and I love money.”


“I trust money and money trusts me.”


“I’m always energetically connected to money.”


“Money wants me to be happy.”


(Replace money with men, or your man if that’s your focus right now.)


I’m deeply trusting more and more each day that money will always be there for me. And sometimes it’s hard for me to trust that…


Whenever I feel a sense of panic or urgency about money, I tune into the idea that I don’t have to worry about how money will come to me because it’s connected to Source – rather than to specific people.


As I was feeling this energy wash over me, I felt a deep sense of inner peace and my body softened.


<3 <3 <3


…….Twenty minutes later, I checked my email and one of my newest clients emailed saying she wants to upgrade her coaching package and pay the full investment. (An investment that felt uncomfortable 6 months ago, even though I’ve personally invested way more in a single program and overall close to 100K in my business.) I’m sharing this because I never ask my clients to do something I haven’t already done or that I’m not willing to do.


Another deep wave of gratitude and appreciation washed over me. This is how it’s supposed to be.


—– To receive money in a way that feels effortless and “oh of course this is happening…” is intoxicating. Receiving money for doing what your soul desires and knows it’s here to do – is one of the most deeply, satisfying and fulfilling experiences.


When I lean back into my Divine Feminine Energy, deeply trusting my needs will always be taken care of, I bring the whole Universe towards me.

I know that when I lean back, I’m opening up space ✨(the energetic gateway) ✨ for my desires to come to me.


When I lean forward – out of fear or lack or urgency – believing I need to “do” something in order to make something happen – I energetically close the “gap” and ultimately (accidentally) push what I want away from me. There’s no opening for me to receive it.


If at anytime I’m not feeling love or money energy coming towards me, I physically and energetically lean back to create space so love and money can come towards me AND I’m available to receive it. It shifts EVERYTHING.


Here’s the thing though – when I’m leaning back, I’m not waiting passively for love and money to just show up…


My work is to lean back with a deep trust and sense of “knowing” that I’m fully supported, and THEN I focus on what brings me pleasure and joy and allow myself to feel as much contentment and gratitude for my life as it is right now. It’s an invisible action.


From this energetic space, I’ll receive the guidance in the form of a nudge, whisper, or breadcrumb of synchronicity for my next step (inspired action).


For me, the Feminine Art of Manifesting/Attraction is the awareness that I’m flowing in and out of two “realities” at the same.


The reality I live in right now….DEEPLY relaxing into my life EXACTLY as it is right now… feeling love, appreciation and contentment.


And the reality I want to create – and DEEPLY relaxing into the “knowing” that what I desire next is already here – and feeling love, appreciation and contentment as if I’m already living it.


“Ease and flow” is the mantra I live by… <3


Love, Leigha


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