How 2 Women Healed Their Relationships

Leigha Lake

Here’s a question I received from Allie on a different blog post. It’s actually the most common question a woman has once she’s learned about leaning back and creating space so I wanted to make sure to address it here.

“Hi Leigha,

I’ve read a lot of your blogs and it all makes so much sense. We’ve been dating a year and about a month ago he said he felt unsure about his feelings for me and what he wanted for his future (marriage/kids). I have started to lean back and not initiate contact or initiating plans to see him. BUT how long do I let him continue to initiate contact & plans? Previously I would initiate contact & plans about 50%. Can I initiate at all at this point or just let him initiate for awhile? I feel like he’ll think I don’t care for him anymore if I don’t reach out first a little bit, or am I wrong? ? Thanks for your help.”

Here’s my response to you if you’re afraid of NOT doing because you think your partner will think you don’t love him or you’re losing interest and he’ll just drift away.. PLUS examples of how two women turned their relationships around!


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