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Here’s Your Invitation To Join Me On Monday March 31st at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time – Where I’m Hosting A One Hour “Bring Him Back” Teleclass

I can’t wait to share with you what I know works!

What if…you could stop a man – your man – from pulling away?

What if…you could easily and quickly draw your man so close he would want to be with you on every level, as deeply and as much as he could – no matter how things are feeling right now?

What if… you could have the relationship and marriage you dreamed of when you were a little girl?

When you join me, I’ll be covering the most important steps to take if you want to bring your man back (closer than ever) and rekindle the spark you once had.

Here are just a few of the juicy topics I’ll be covering… 

  • Discover exactly WHY your man has pulled away and withdrawn
  • Learn the quickest way to heal the relationship and reverse the damage – and what’s stopping you from doing this already.
  • The most important shift you can do immediately – to bring him closer than ever – without doing anything!!  And how women unconsciously and constantly talk themselves out of doing this.
  • How to increase your confidence, irresistibility and overcome feeling anxious,  needy and insecure….and much much more!

How does it work?

We dial in together on Monday March 31th at 6 PM. The call will last 45-60 minutes and I will go over what you can implement immediately to bring your man back.

(Those who are dialed in will have a chance to ask questions live; those who can’t make the call can send me their questions ahead of time and listen to the recording – if you want me to use a different name just let me know.)

You can call in no matter where you are in the world – by phone, Skype or web!  (So cool!!)

Call in information:

Date & Time: Monday, March 31st at 6:00pm Pacific

Guest pin code: 723878#

Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100

Secondary dial in number: (415) 633-4267

Why does it work?

Because everything is energy, and we attract who we’re being.  When we shift our love vibe – our love life follows!  It’s how the Universe works. (It’s almost magical and inevitable once you know exactly what to do.) Working hard for love isn’t nearly as effective as allowing love to come to you.  Let’s do this together!

Submit your questions at the bottom of the page or send me your personal questions and I’ll answer them during the class.

If you’re not having the success you want in love, if what you’re doing and saying right now isn’t working for you, I want to help you learn how to “do it differently” – in a way that WILL work for you…

You CAN get on the fast track to True Love!  You really can have the love you desire, and finally stop feeling anxious and insecure.  You’ll no longer spend your precious time, energy and love trying to “analyze” what a man is thinking or where the relationship is going!  You’ll know!

I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve learned, practiced and now coach!  I look forward to seeing you there!

Whether you’re familiar with the Rori Raye Method and Tools or not, shifting your love vibe is guaranteed to transform your relationship with your man.  When your love vibe shifts, your love life soon follows – it’s inevitable!

Here’s what some women (who’ve worked with me personally) are saying about bringing their man back…

“Leigha – if we were living in the same city, I would come over and give you the biggest hug!  Thank you for holding me accountable when I needed it most and for being compassionate and kind when I needed that too. He’s fallen in love with me all over again and he’s been texting and calling me and making all the effort without me even doing anything.  I have to learn to love the little voice inside of me so she stops playing up and sabotaging my relationships. ~ Emily”

“I’m starting to understand what letting myself “be a girl” and “be feminine”  is all about and the result is my man is stepping up and being with me in a more passionate tender way and we are getting closer than ever! ~ Cindy”

Bringing your man back, closer than ever is my forte and I can’t wait to have you join me!

If you  haven’t already be sure to download your FREE “3 Secrets To Get Your Man Back” Report so you’ll be up to date with the extra Tools and Downloads I’ll be sending!

To Your Success In Love,



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