Feminine Energy Mantras For Healing And Transformation

Leigha Lake

Hi Lovely,


Here are some Feminine Energy Mantras that help me and I hope they help you too.



? It’s safe for me to slow down.


? It’s safe for me to go at a pace that feels good to me.


? It’s impossible for me to fall behind.


? It’s safe for me to say “no,” even if it makes other people upset.


? I cannot lose by honoring what feels best to me.


? It’s safe for me to share and express myself authentically.


? It’s safe for me to speak up.


? It’s safe for me to be seen and “take up space.”



Last week I took my two little ones up to the mountains to our favorite lake. I know it’s going to get too cold to go soon and I want to get in a few more visits.


On our way back down the mountain, I could see a truck coming up on us in my rear view mirror, and I instinctively wanted to speed up so I wouldn’t make the driver behind us frustrated(although I was going the speed limit.)


……… And then I caught myself and I thought, “No, it’s safe for me to take up space and go at my own pace, even if someone else doesn’t like it.”


This was something I’ve never consciously thought before.


The moment I caught myself feeling anxious about someone driving behind me and getting frustrated that I might be going “too slow”…..


………..and then instead of going faster to make sure I wasn’t inconveniencing them, I decided it was “OK” for me to go the exact speed I was going because it was comfortable for ME…


………….I felt an expansion and deep shift inside my body.


I hadn’t been truly aware of how I was unconsciously making myself small, or afraid to take up space in case it happened to inconvenience someone else.


I know if I’m doing that with driving, I must be doing it in other places in my life.


This isn’t something I need to “work” to change…but something to have more awareness around.


The more I give myself permission (permission I’m not even aware I’m needing or looking for…) to move at my own pace, the more empowered and magnetic I naturally become.


This is a magnetic vibe… magnetic to high quality, masculine men. Magnetic to money. Magnetic to new ideas and opportunities.


Energetically it’s giving the Universe the message of –


“I am worthy of my desires.”

“I am deserving.”

“I am ready.”


Can you feel the truth in that?




As women, I know it’s so common to put everybody else’s feelings/needs/wants in front of our own.


When we give ourselves permission to honor what feels best to us, express ourselves and be seen for who we really are, we invite others to do the same.


Part of the wounded masculine/feminine paradigm (specifically the wounded feminine in this scenario) is a deep belief that it’s not safe to speak up, “take up space,” or be seen.


Notice where you’re holding back, hiding, staying small because that’s simply what you were taught…


We can heal the world AND create a magical, joyful, fulfilling life simply by being more of who we already are – letting our true essence shine out into the world.


Love, Leigha


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