Even The Smallest Shift Into Our Feminine Energy Can Make The Biggest Difference

Leigha Lake

I’m loving this message I received and I want every woman to know she has so much more power than she realizes when it comes to being loved the way she’s always dreamed of.

It might be weird to message you. But your website has helped me a lot. I love myself more now… And funny thing is when I do the “open yourself up”, (I usually sit behind him so I know when he is looking!)… And for the past 10 mins he’s looked at me for 5 times already LOL it’s amazing..Thank you. Anna”

What Anna is experiencing is what ALL women can experience when she learns how to apply the Tools and Method I teach – which has everything do with how a woman feels about herself.

Part of my 5 step Love Method is creating space within the relationship.  When we give a man space, we also pull our energy back to ourselves and this is why we feel so much better.  Instead of looking to a man as holding the “key” to the love we want, we turn it around to “we have the love he wants” we also have the love we’ve been looking for.

“As soon as we stop needing love from a man, he has more than plenty to give.”

This does 2 things:

It raises our self – esteem instantly.
It also helps us to see the relationship clearly.

This creates a magnetic pull on a man – the right man for you.

You can easily increase your magnetic pull with my program – The Art Of Getting The Commitment You Want

Love, Leigha


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