Does The Law Of Attraction Work To Attract The Man You Want?

Leigha Lake

Here’s a question from Sarah.  Does the Law of Attraction really work when it comes to attracting the man you want?

My answer >>

I believe we attract who we’re being.

I also believe trying to manifest your True Love or trying to get a certain man to be yours – feels like hard work!  I want you to start looking for the easy road to love.  The road that doesn’t feel like a lot of work.

I used these exact Tools to attract my husband.

<< Try These 5 Simple Tools To Help You Attract The Love You Want >>

They work by helping you stop working so hard for love – so you can allow love in.

1.  Make It Easy

Listen to Kelly Howell’s meditation CD “The Secret To Attracting Love“ or any other affirming guided meditation or subliminal affirmation message.  I loved doing this while falling asleep – and it works for me.  I have many of her mp3’s. Some experts will say, “Make sure you don’t fall asleep!”  I’m not an expert – but I like easy – and this is easy!

2.  Never-Ending Love Shower

When we feel a man’s energy coming towards us and then all of a sudden it stops, our instinct is to fill the gap.  To lean forward so we don’t feel the emptiness.  Next time you’re tempted to “fill the space” a man has left by moving away, I want you to imagine a big water wheel.  The big kind on the side of a big barn that helps the water move along for irrigation.

You’re imagining this big water wheel and it’s bringing the water up and over and  on it’s way back down it’s softly drenching you.  Except this isn’t just water…it’s love.  It’s pure love energy.  It’s cascading down your body and washing you with this love water.  How does that feel?  (This only needs to take 10 seconds.)

Does it feel refreshing?  Does it feel good?

I want you to imagine your man’s energy (or the man your about to meet) always coming towards you – even and especially when you don’t feel it.  This changes your whole vibe.  This will change everything!

Love is always coming towards you – will you let it in?

3.  Imagine Your Heart As A Magnet

Imagine a big plastic zipper over your heart.  On the count of three, I want you to unzip your heart.  One, two, three – unzip!  How does that feel?  If it feels a little scary and uncomfortable – you’re doing it right!

Now I want you to soften every muscle in your body (this should only take seconds, if you think you don’t know how, just pretend) and then I want you to imagine your heart as a magnet drawing in everything your heart desires.  You don’t have to work hard for it.  It’s coming to you.  This is something you can do as many times a day as you want, anywhere you want – do it with your eyes open and it should only take about 10 seconds.

4.  Your Divine Essence

Put together your own Divine Essence Mantra.  Something that absolutely resonates with you and brings you back to why you’re here on this planet.  Your higher purpose

Here’s mine:  I am the Divine Essence of Light and Love, who shines the light so others can see all that is beautiful.

Start with: I am the Divine Essence of…., which allows or that allows….

How does it feel to say?

(I would love to hear your Goddess Mantras!!)

5.  Appreciating Men

Start a Man List!

Grab your journal and write down each man’s name who has come into your life and write a “Thank You” by his name.  Then write down the message he came to give you.

If he broke your heart,  or you still feel some angry feelings towards him, try this:

The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Mantra

I am sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

This powerful mantra is for you to forgive and release this energy from your body.  Try it – even if you don’t really mean it.  See how you feel and if it clears anything away.

I believe attracting our True Love has more to do with forgiveness (of ourselves) and decluttering our lives than anything else!

I would love to hear how these resonate with you!

P.S.  All of this is supposed to feel easy – please stop working so hard for love and let love in.


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