Can You Get Your Man To Give You More Love And Affection

Leigha Lake

Here’s a question from Kristina.  “Hi Leigha, I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 5 years and he doesn’t do things he used to.  How do I get him to give me more love and affection?”

Have you experienced this?  You felt totally confident while he was “pursuing you” – and now you’re starting to feel insecure.  You’re thinking about him so much of the time you’re starting to feel almost like you’re losing yourself and the confidence you used to have.

My Answer > > > >

Hi Kristina – The easy answer is to say, “Move on.”  Why would you let a man in who isn’t giving you these things you require?  And I know you don’t want to hear that.

What if you’re 100% this is the man for you and you’re not willing walk a way.  Can you turn this around?

Start Here:

Step One – Know the energy exchange between a man and a woman.  The man leads while the woman sets the tempo.

You can’t change a man.  You can’t make him do what you want him to do.  It has to come from him – he has to feel inspired to do those things for you.

Step Two – How Do You Inspire Him?
By stopping all the over functioning – the giving, the doing, moving towards him in any way – to try and “get” something from him.

Step Three – Be an invitation by expressing how you feel, what you want and what you don’t want.

What if he gets mad when you say “feeling messages?”  What if…all of IT doesn’t work?

Why are you willing and wanting to “work so hard for love?”  And “work” for a man who doesn’t give you enough love, and affection and doesn’t want to hear how you feel?  Do you believe you can be the one to “change” him?  Do you believe you can’t have a man love you as much as you love him?

Step Four – Accept him and love him for who he is, but don’t accept behavior that makes you feel bad.  When you stop doing what doesn’t work and practice being an invitation – so many feelings are going to come up for you.  You might feel scared if you stop doing, then nothing will happen.  This is where the healing starts.  If he’s not giving you the love and affection you want – the whole relationship needs healing.

It always feels risky when we’re hanging onto a man – and if we just stop and do nothing – he might walk out the door.  This is always a possibility.  But do you want to be hanging onto a man hoping he won’t leave you?  Or holding your breath hoping today he will kiss you and hug you and give you what you need?

These are some tough questions…

The quickest way to have the love and the man you want is by cherishing how you feel, expressing what you want and don’t want – and letting a man who wants to give you all this and more – IN!  This is the road to True Love.

This is all about choices – AND what you really want – and believing you really can have what you want.




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