Attracting Love In 6 Weeks – Success Story!

Leigha Lake

Here’s a beautiful testimonial from one of my amazing clients who attracted love so quickly once we started working together.

“Before working with Leigha, I was a fixer, and worked my way through life trying to control outcomes to lessen my anxiety. This felt awful but I didn’t know any other way.

Leigha was a godsend – providing me a safe place to share my experiences and lovingly teaching me how to let go and allow myself to attract the love I want (and to feel worthy enough to receive it!). How amazing that by doing so much less, I get so much more! Leigha taught me to get out of my own way, to find and be my inner goddess that is inherently lovable without needing to ‘earn’ it.

By building a loving relationship with myself, I attracted a loving relationship within 6 weeks of starting working with her and before that I had been single for three years. We’ve now been dating for 8 months.

I feel prepared for anything that comes my way!

Leigha has absolutely changed my life.” Andrea, Australia


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Hey, Leigha here – I’m a mom, wife, lover of the outdoors & Relationship Coach for High-Achieving Women. My mission is to help women steer clear of unhealthy, toxic, soul-destroying relationships and show them how to attract an integrated masculine man, and live a deeply rich and fulfilling life.

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