5 Quick Tips: How To Move On After A Break Up

Leigha Lake

I was talking with a client and eventually things led to, “Ok, so how do I forget about him and move on?”

I still remember my first heart break.  I was 15 years old and I fell hard!

He went to our rivalry high school, star of the soccer team and super dreamy.  We dated for exactly 3 months.  Then he called me up on a Tuesday and told me he didn’t  know what happened but he no longer felt the same way and we needed to break up.

I was shocked.  I don’t even remember what I said back to him.  I remember hanging up the phone and immediately calling a girl friend and she said not to worry, he’ll be back in two weeks.  I said, “Ok”, feeling hopeful.

I never heard from him again.  It took me 2 years to move on.

What if we just didn’t think about moving on and forgetting about a guy?

The more we think about how we need to move on and forget about him, the more he stays with us, right?

If you work from the inside out and outside in, at the same time, things will begin to shift quickly.

#1.  Start dating again – immediately.  Whether you feel like it or not.

Most women feel resistance to this idea, they don’t want to date anyone else.  They think they need to “heal” first.

The fastest and quickest way to have what you want is to stay open and heal in the presence of other men.  Use dating as free therapy.  It’s amazing how much better we feel when we have many men pursing us at the same time, and it prevents us from getting totally hung up on one man.

#2  Start dating yourself.

Take yourself out, start a new hobby you’ve been wanting to do.  Paint your nails, buy a new outfit.  Get outside, find things to do in nature.

#3  Begin asking yourself what message this man came to give you.  Did you learn something about yourself?  Why did he show up?

#4  Change everything!

Change your dresser drawers, your shorts with your underwear drawer. Change your closet.  Rearrange your furniture.  Take a shower before drinking coffee, or walk the dog and then eat breakfast.  Whatever you can do to switch up your routine.

#5  See yourself going through this life intending to end up at happily ever after.  You’re on a bridge and there’s a path right in front of you that ends up exactly where you want to be.  All you have to do is stay on your bridge.  The right man for you will come along and walk you over the bridge and lead you to happily ever after.  You don’t get off your bridge for a man.  You stay on your bridge no matter what.

So many times we end up leaving our bridge thinking we’ll find happiness with a man who has no intention of leading us down our path to happily ever after.

How do we know if we’ve left our bridge to follow a man who has no future plans with us?

I’ll be writing about that in my next post.

I would love to hear about how you’ve “moved on” or forgotten about a guy.

If any of these tips help you, I would love to hear about that too!


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