What Makes A Healthy Man Fall In Love & Stay In Love

Leigha Lake

What Makes A “Healthy” Man Fall In Love And Stay In Love…

(This ONE tool can save a marriage and create irresistible attraction in a healthy man!) 

Also, I have so much I want to share about what’s been coming up over the last month! (I know I haven’t been marketing very much, but I’m still coaching and doing client sessions! I have two programs that started at the beginning of the year!) 

I recently asked Trever what makes him feel loved by me (because I’m pretty sure my “love language” is equally all of the 5 love languages and then some!). 

His response was, “How happy you are. When I come home from work, and you greet me with happiness, love, a kiss, and a smile, then I know I did my best and succeeded in making sure you don’t feel overwhelmed and over-burdened.”

This is how simple men are. Please take this in and embed it into your cells. This is what healthy men want! 

My happiness = him feeling loved by me.

A HEALTHY man’s priorities are your happiness and making your life as easy as possible.

Take note… he didn’t mention ANYTHING about what I “do” for him that makes him feel loved.

Here’s the catch though that makes all the difference.

It’s my responsibility and moral obligation to ensure I feel happy, peaceful, calm, and playful most of the time.

If I’m unhappy, I need to figure out why and what to do about it.

If it involves Trever, then I need to communicate my needs in a calm and loving way. This allows me to show up as the relationship partner I want to be and be the partner my husband needs and craves. (This is what I mean when I say, “The Feminine goes first.”)

It’s a woman’s ability to show up in life as a healthy relationship partner that allows her to energetically recognize what’s right for her and what’s not right for her in a short amount of time (specifically by how she feels).

Let’s define a healthy relationship partner as far as women go:

A healthy relationship partner is a woman who knows what she needs to be happy within herself, and if she’s not happy, then she knows it’s her responsibility to figure out what she needs to do.

She’s willing to walk away from any relationship and/or circumstance that’s no longer a fit or feels unhealthy/toxic.

She has her own back no matter what and has a deep trust that she can create success in her life wherever she goes. How magnetic is this?!?!

This is what men are energetically drawn to.

When a woman knows how to provide for her own happiness and has her own back, she’ll be able to recognize the right man for her (whether she’s single or married) because she’s so in tune with herself!

If your relationship has been a struggle and you’ve been trying hard to make your partner happy, but nothing really seems to change…do this.

You must shift your focus from your man to your own happiness and watch what he does or doesn’t do and how you feel (this is getting back into your life raft), which will give you ALL the information you need to know about your relationship and what’s possible.

Do The “Happiness Test” Tool For A Week!

The Happiness Test is doing your best to be “authentically” happy when your man comes home and being very aware of only (mostly) talking about the best things that happened during the day. Within a couple of days, you should notice a huge shift in the energy dynamic. (You can still do the Happiness Tool if you’re single and it will make you more magnetic to your desires.)

If you see that the happier you are, the more open and loving he is, and you can feel his energy coming toward you, your relationship has a healthy foundation. You can continue to deepen the love and connection between you very easily.

If your happiness does not affect or influence your man’s energy or naturally bring him closer, then I can guarantee that no matter what you do, the relationship will never be what you want it to be.

Let me know what comes up for you with this.

Try the “Happiness Test” and let me know how it goes!



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