The 3 Things You Need To Know Right Now To Attract The Love Of Your Life Replay

Leigha Lake

Before you start dating, it’s important to become aware of how men, love and relationships really work so you can easily avoid unnecessary heartbreak and attract the love you want.

Imagine feeling more confident than you ever thought possible while navigating the dating stage of your love life just by knowing a few simple secrets about men and romantic relationships.

In this call you’ll:

  • Hear how one woman attracted the love of her life in 3 short months
  • Learn the difference between how a healthy masculine man pursues a woman versus an unavailable man
  • Understand a man’s true love time line and how a woman’s is completely different
  • What you can expect from a high quality man in the early stages of dating all the way up until life long commitment
  • How women unknowingly give their power away and what causes a man to lose attraction
  • What keeps women “stuck” and the number one way to never attract lasting love

I was talking with my step brother recently, who’s just a few years younger than I am and he was telling me his woes about dating.

He mentioned it didn’t matter how attractive a woman was – if she “over shared” on one of their first few dates, he would begin lose attraction.

He couldn’t explain it but he said he began to feel so much pressure.  He couldn’t understand it or put his finger on it, but it was as though she valued what he thought more than she should.

This is just so common!  I was totally guilty of doing this myself, once I learned the information you’ll get listening to the replay, my love life was transformed.

By becoming aware of how men and relationships really work, you become even MORE aware of how you operate as well.  Who are you BEING with men?

Are you trusting and allowing a great man to pursue you?  Or are you used to taking over and making things happen?

I would love to hear your feedback and please start implementing right away! 

Love, Leigha


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