How To Get Him Back

Leigha Lake

It’s the first day of the New Year!!  Happy New Year!!

I talk to women every day who want to get “their man” back.  For some reason he’s withdrawn and feels confused and unsure about where things are headed.

These beautiful, successful women believe whole heartedly – he’s their soulmate, “The One” and they’re not interested in anyone else.

If this is sounds like you and how you feel, there’s a good chance he can feel how “invested” you are and how you’re putting him above how you feel.

As if you would do almost anything to win his love – and NO MAN wants to be the center of a woman’s world.

It’s too much pressure.  He has no where to go but to back away.

The steps to heal the relationship and turn everything around feel so counter intuitive – most women won’t do them.

Where Do You Start?  > > >

A relationship becomes magnificent when how you feel becomes your top priority.  You have to put how you feel as your focus.  This feels counter intuitive and scary! Because “what if” by focusing on yourself it pushes him away?  What if he doesn’t think you’re interested or “nice” anymore?  What if he gets distracted and finds somebody else because you “weren’t there”?

If you go by how you feel…What if you never quite feel good around him?  What does it mean?  Are you going to pine after him hoping for the “potential” you know is there?  Maybe?

Are you exhausted yet?  Doesn’t it feel exhausting and draining to be putting so much energy into a man and a relationship?

This kind of effort – a man can feel, and it feels like pressure to him.  He doesn’t know why he feels it – he just knows he’s feeling pressure and he doesn’t like it.

You have to be willing to walk away if it isn’t the relationship you want.

What kind of relationship do you want?  Do you believe you can have the relationship you want?

When you can get your energy completely off of him – that’s when things will change and not a moment sooner.

Even if you believe he’s your soul mate – it doesn’t matter – the only thing that matters is if he’s moving towards you.

Once you organically and authentically begin putting how you feel first (meaning you know you won’t stay in a situation if it feels bad, and you’ll never leave yourself for man) – he will feel the shift in your vibe and will be drawn towards you.  This is what you want – and have been waiting for – yet it can never happen until you make the shift in yourself, first.




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