He Tells Me How Much He Loves Me Everyday And Frequently Thanks Me For Not Giving Up On Him

Leigha Lake

“It has taken me a while to share my experience with Leigha because I wanted to process all that I gained from working with her. I am watching my life and my relationship with my husband and seeing  how my new insights and tools have changed me and have changed my relationship.

My experience with Leigha began when we bumped into each other at a relative’s home.  She began telling me about her coaching business.  I had one of those “natural knowing” moments that  I have only had a handful of times in my life.  I knew that Leigha was going to help me and that I needed to work with her.  I was smack in the middle of a marriage crisis and I was falling apart.

My phone sessions began right away. I chose not to tell my husband that I was working with Leigha. Those first few sessions taught me so much about wholeness and believing that the first love in my life was ME.  It was the language and visualization she taught me that was so powerful and enlightening. It was a new way of speaking and thinking. She led me to new ways to look at my situation and my husband. Her perspective was different than I had ever heard. I got it! Right away, I felt stronger in my core.

I had to laugh because my first session with Leigha worked like magic. Later, I walked into my kitchen where my husband was standing.  I was feeling full of strength.  I felt what it feels like to take an internal step back, to emotionally lean away just a bit with that love I felt for myself and the pure knowledge of who I am.  I only said hello and, sure enough, he walked toward me and put his arms around me.  Who knew!

My whole perspective of my relationship has completely changed thanks to Leigha.  She gave me insight that I would never have thought of on my own. Rather than feeling shame, unwanted, pathetic and broken, I feel empowered, solid, clear, and free.  And I am still in my marriage! My husband and I are healing and thriving.  He tells me how much he loves me every day and frequently thanks me for not giving up on him and for forgiving him.  I have internalized that I am not weak and broken as I felt I was. Rather, I am the strongest person I know! Leigha uncovered for me that I am a beacon of light and that I am empowered by loving.

Leigha is gifted!  She is sharing this gift and I am forever grateful.” ~ Amy


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