Even The Smallest Shift In Our Vibe Can Create A Big Shift In Our Relationship

Leigha Lake

“Hi Leigha,

Thank you so much for answering my question during the last Bonus call. (How to lean back when you’re married with kids and in a long distance marriage?)

I wanted to let you know that your Blueprint program has been a great help to me. I have been always the lean forward person but now at least I am learning to lean back especially after my husband suddenly wanted some time and space.  I learned how not to do anything will give me result. He actually initiated contact now by calling (which I was not able to answer right away) and called him back to check (was it right?). And then he sent an sms yesterday as well.  I am tempted again to lean forward and initiate calls or sms and be the way we used to be at least to inform him about the kids but I want more and more.  I Want more of his calls and sms I want more surprises from him and I know he is capable of that.  I hope to know if I am doing the right thing.  Thanks so much again!”  God bless,  K


Hi K!  Thank you so much for this beautiful email!  And YES – you’re right on track!!  I love hearing how quickly a man move towards us when we give him the space he needs to pursue us (IF he is the man for us).

Your work is to keep doing the Tools in The Blueprint and Workbook – and let him do the initiating for the next 2 – 3 months.  When he does initiate, let him know how happy you feel and be sure to be ready to express your feelings (especially the good ones about how excited you are about your life and the things you have going on and what you’re looking forward to).  You CAN do this!!!

Please keep me posted!!! ????

Love, Leigha


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