Attract And Have The Love You Want – Without The Struggle And Heartache

Leigha Lake

There’s something I really want to share with you.

I’m all about energy.

I’m also all about love and specifically women having the love and relationship they really desire!

There’s nothing I’d rather talk about more than how our energy brings TO us, the man and relationship we really want.

What I teach, coach and mentor is I believe the most important information a woman could learn.  This is my life’s message. My “calling” so to speak.  I know it deep in my soul.

What I know about energy and romantic, passionate, lasting love is when a woman learns how irresistible and unforgettable she truly is AND becomes aware of how to navigate her romantic relationships (whether she’s married, single or somewhere in between), she can truly experience the love and relationship she’s always dreamed of!

The first step in attracting and receiving what we want is to be honest with ourselves and not only honor our truest desires, but trust they’re there for a reason.

When you can bridge the gap from knowing you are energy first, and trust in your Divine Essence to attract your Divine Partner, everything else literally falls into place.

(I say Divine Partner because once you meet, you recognize he’s familiar to you.)

Repeat after me:

(If you have a man in your life, replace “men” with your man.)

“Men find me irresistible and unforgettable when I’m in my feminine energy and simply being.”

“The solutions to ALL my problems are easily accessible to me.”

“The more I relax into my life AND my body, the more attractive I am to high quality men who are MORE than capable of loving me the way I’ve always wanted.”

“Men are drawn to me, without me having to do anything.”

“My allure and sexiness comes from WITHIN.”

“Men find me in ways I never imagined!”

If you don’t learn how to tap into your true essence, surrender ALL control, and TRUST the timing of your life, you’ll find yourself taking all sorts of “action” in order to make things happen.

You know control through action is an illusion right?

The way we “control” our lives and create what we want is through our energy (beliefs, thoughts, and feelings) which makes up our vibration.

The words I’m writing carry a certain vibration, can you feel them?

It can be SO much easier than you think!!

The women I privately work with find themselves happier and more connected to life than ever before, and things are transforming FOR them, without the extra struggle and hard work.

It’s an energetic shift that’s starts from INSIDE them, which is always the first CAUSE and then the outer results have to happen.

Love, Leigha

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