Are You On The Road Marked True Love?

Leigha Lake

One of the biggest mistakes women make with dating and relationships is going down the three wrong roads to love.  There’s only one road that leads to true love.

Before I knew what a man really craved and wanted from a woman, I thought I could connect with a man through things I was good at, being super fit and healthy and really smart and witty.

I remember sitting on a ski lift with a guy I thought was incredibly good looking, sharing with him how I’d traveled to Spain for school, and how I loved playing soccer.  I thought for sure that would impress him, and he would see how talented I was, and he would naturally be even more attracted to me.


The next thing out of his mouth was…”Hmmm, I don’t really go for the sporty type.  I like my women really feminine and girly.”

I was shocked.  I didn’t feel insulted, I knew I had just heard something very important.  I remember thinking that the things I thought would attract him, actually repelled him.  How interesting!

The 3 Wrong Roads

1. The Physical Road:  Trying to attract a man by being fit, healthy, sexy, liking the same sport team, sexual, even being good in bed won’t get you the guy.  He’ll like it, but it won’t inspire lasting attraction.

2. The Mental Road:  This looks like being super smart, talking about politics, debating about life’s big questions, problem solving.  We think that if he realizes how smart we really are, he’ll want us even more.

3.  The Spiritual Road: It feels so amazing when we can connect with a man who shares are beliefs, who grew up the same way we did, who wants the same things out of life as we do, but it doesn’t mean that’s going to make him dream about you when you’re not there.  He’ll think you’re really nice and sweet, and enjoy your company but it won’t make him fall in love with you.

I remember going to church when I was younger thinking love was so easy.  Soon I would meet my future husband and we would get married and settle down and that would be it.

I had the wrong Love Map.  If you’re feeling like love is harder than you think it should be, you might have the wrong love map too.  I’ll talk more about Love Maps in my next post.

So, what is the road that leads to a man’s heart and True Love?

It’s the emotional road.

When you’re connected to your feelings, he can connect to you through his heart, which allows him to connect to his feelings, and this is what a man craves.  A man wants to get in there with us and experience our world.  (As long as he doesn’t feel blamed for the way we feel.)

The easiest way to connect to a man’s heart from yours is to actually feel what you’re feeling, and then express that to him in feeling messages.

Do you have experience going down these wrong roads wondering what went wrong?

Have you experienced going down the emotional road and connecting to his heart?

I would love to hear about it!


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