Your Life Raft Is The Maximum Masculine Energy Attractor

Let’s talk about staying in your own life raft, so you’re available to receive. Your life raft is the maximum masculine attractor because it allows you to show up in your life as a healthy empowered relationship partner which is what a masculine energy man deeply desires. What shifts for you if your #1 job/priority […]

Why Successful Women Attract Men With Potential And What To Do About It

Why do strong, successful and extremely talented women tend to attract the artist archetype (the artist archetype is the dreamer, super easy going, romantic passionate lover and tends to have wounded feminine energy) when what they really desire is a man who can be bigger than they are in all ways? Why do they choose […]

lean back and become magnetic and irresistible to men and money

Hi Lovely! When the empowered feminine leans back, fully supported by her own masculine energy, she magnetically brings the whole Universe towards her. >>>> Calling all manifesting generators and generators! Those who are energetically built to respond in order to bring into reality their best life!! (If you don’t know click on this link and fill out […]

From Unavailable Men To Attracting Love – Success Video

Attracting The Love Of Your Life

How Jess Went From Attracting Unavailable Men To Attracting Love With The Right Man, In A Short Amount Of Time I’m so excited to share Jess’s success story with you! Here are her results: Went from feeling frustrated with men to attracting love in record time. COMPLETELY turned her love life around by understanding men, […]

Finding Love After Divorce


Hey Loves! I’ve been invited to join a summit on finding love again after divorce… you know I rarely say “yes” to summits and when I do it’s because I think it will be really beneficial. THIS is one of those… <3 <3 Most of the women I talk to who’ve recently gone through (or […]

From Hopeless And Anxious To Feminine And Sexy

“I was feeling hopeless and anxious when I found this book. Something on Leigha’s website resonated with me and I decided to take a gamble and download the book as the cost was reasonable. Reading the book I could suddenly see what I was doing wrong. I was giving so much and my ex  had […]

9 Month – Men, Money And Intuition Program – Starting April 4th

🔹  Men, Money And Intuition 🔹  Lean Back Into Your Goddess Flow I’m excited to share my newest program with you (and where we’re moving at the very end!!). Within an hour of it all coming together, I already had the first amazing goddess commit and pay in full. This is Goddess Flow – [no […]

How Beverly Turned Her Relationship Around In Less Than Two Weeks

Attracting The Love Of Your Life

Beverly purchased “Make Him Fall In Love All Over Again” and immediately started implementing the tools and noticed a big shift within less than two weeks. This program is POWERFUL! Here’s what she had to say… “Hi Leigha! I’ve been practicing leaning back for about a week and a half and I’ve already seen results. […]