The Feminine Art Of Attraction

$ 27.00

Imagine KNOWING you don’t have to work hard to attract love and abundance… and instead living your life in a whole NEW way – a way which feels fun, fulfilling, passionate and adventurous.
Imagine attracting all the love and abundance you truly want, simply by removing the blocks keeping you stuck and implementing a few easy tools.
Imagine attracting the people, ideas, and opportunities you need QUICKLY – and being able to do it again and again.  This is the ART of feminine energy living!
Imagine enjoying all of the love, happiness and success life has to offer, simply by understanding EXACTLY how to embody your Divine Feminine Energy and live from that place.


This is the first time the Feminine Art Of Attraction has been offered as a downloadable home study program!

Once you join The Feminine Art Of Attraction, here’s what you’ll get…
All 6 modules that include introductory videos, comprehensive PDF’s, and audio recordings that take you through each tool in detail.

Furthermore when you order “The Feminine Art Of Attraction,” you’ll also get a powerful 60-minute teleclass recording from Helena Hart’s Effortlessly Attract Love teleclass as her free gift to you!
This teleclass was all about who and what we’re attracting, the subconscious processes that play into this – and more importantly what we can do to turn it around and actually change what we’re attracting by making some shifts within ourselves.