Hi, I’m Leigha. I help powerful, successful women attract and have a loving, passionate, fulfilling relationship with a man who’s more than capable of loving them the way they desire. (When a woman learns how to shift her energy to attract healthy, masculine energy, she also naturally starts to attract more money.)

Does Any Of This Sounds Familiar? If so, I can help!

 The sad truth is, most powerful women tend to end up in relationships (and stay way too long) with men who aren’t capable of having the real relationship they desire. These powerful women are pulling their men along and hoping one day things will be “different” and more balanced.  

 Are you constantly analyzing the pros and cons of staying or walking away.  I have 3 deal breakers:

1. Cheating/Affairs/Lying
2. Physical/emotional/mental abuse
3. Addictions 

 Do you often wish you knew exactly what to say or do so that you could “help” your partner become the man you know he could be (he has so much potential!)?

When it’s good it’s so good right? And when it’s bad, you wonder why you’ve stayed so long. 

 Unfortunately most women have no idea how powerful they are when it comes to relationships, and it’s simply because they don’t understand how men and relationships really work. I can show you how, so you can avoid unneccessary heartbreak and finally have the loving partnership you truly desire.

Watch the video below to hear how Kim transformed her 20+ year marriage from the brink of divorce to one that feels more loved and connected than ever before, within 2 months.


She’s also been transforming her relationship with money, which has resulted in her husband receiving multiple job offers (up to 1/3 increase in his current income)! These opportunities have just “fell into their laps.” (This is SO common with the women I work with!!))

Watch the video below to hear how Jess attracted love within 6 weeks of our first coaching session and went from making $86,000 annually to $180,000 annually and having it all happen effortlessly.

Watch the video below to hear how Nancy Rae went from not knowing if she should stay in her marriage >>>> to trusting herself, and feeling so much unexpected peace and clarity about what she KNEW her next steps were…


… and COMPLETELY shifted patterns and ways of being/communicating that were not allowing her to reach her next level (there IS a way to communicate that empowers AND attracts)…


…. to feeling absolutely confident about her ability to attract what she wants TO her and has brought in $18,500 in sales in the past 2 1/2 weeks. This is just the beginning…


You can listen to more of her story here >>>




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