Receive Your Heart's Desires

Receiving requires you to come home to yourself, which honestly there’s nowhere else we’d rather be. It’s a win-win!

Receive (the course) is all about integrating your own masculine and feminine energies, and it’s this embodiment that allows you to have the most aligned, healthy relationships which naturally make you magnetic to the things you desire most.

The way to transform this (and all of our relationships) has to do with understanding how the conscious mind (masculine) and subconscious mind (feminine) relate to each other and how they influence what we experience out in the world.

Rather than going out and conquering the world, trying to make things happen, working hard to produces results and outcomes, I’ve found that when we go within ourselves and shift how we operate from within our relationships, our entire outside world begins to change almost without effort.

The KEY to having the success you want (romantic and financial) is within the health of your relationships on an energetic level.

Many of my clients grew up never experiencing or seeing healthy masculine energy and often find themselves gravitating towards men who feel familiar and ultimately end up being disappointed and let down. This causes them to really question and doubt that the type of man they desire exists and if they really can have the relationship they want. They begin to fear they’re just going to have to settle or be alone.

There are 6 key concepts that I guide my clients through so they can open themselves up to receive love and abundance and they are…

1. Healing your triggers and dissolving the illusions that keep you from quickly recognizing healthy empowered relationship dynamics (women stay too long in unhealthy relationships with men, clients, jobs, etc.)…

2. Becoming aware of what’s healthy and what’s not when it comes to all the relationships in your life (strong, capable women are often pulling others along and this stops them from receiving)…

3. Disengaging from drama and learning how to stay neutral so you can easily access your intuition and stay connected to yourself and in your life raft…

4. Shifting from a “goal-getting” paradigm to an “inner-awareness” paradigm so you can reach a greater level of happiness, fulfillment, and abundance… 

5. Learning how to show up for yourself and take your power back, especially in the areas that are difficult and challenging (integrating masculine and feminine energies)…

6. Understanding the three layers of relationship; subconscious/conscious, close relationships with people, and with the Universe…

These six steps/concepts work synergistically together giving you access to an incredible amount of clarity, knowing, and deep trust in yourself.

This deep trust in yourself is beyond magnetic to the empowered energies out in the world, especially an empowered masculine energy man.

An empowered man deeply desires to be with a woman who trusts herself and will never leave or abandon herself. (While life isn’t always easy, this way of navigating life allows us to access more synchronicities, magic, and miracles.)

Who Is Receive For?

Women who want to have healthy, happy relationships, abundance, and a peaceful life.

The women who’ll receive the best results from this course already have an understanding of masculine and feminine energies, see themselves as spiritual and intuitive, and feel that they have so much to offer in a relationship.

This course is for women who want to live their lives with more ease, flow, and sustainability. They want to get out of their own way and experience the magic they know they have inside themselves.

How is “Receive” different than other “manifesting/self-development” programs?

This program focuses specifically on understanding how your integrated feminine and masculine energies (specifically your conscious and subconscious mind) allow you to recognize the empowered (and integrated) masculine in the form of a man, money, clients, opportunities, etc. out in the world and then RECEIVE them!


Receive is now a self-study course, and the transformation begins to happen right away.

You’ll begin with instant access to both my Intuition and Receive courses (if you don’t already have Intuition), so you can quickly start seeing results.

Receive will build off of the Intuition course.

With Receive, you’ll get instant access to 6 recorded modules (videos plus PDFs) and 35 in-depth “emails” accessed within the course platform that support the information in the modules. (You’ll have lifetime access to all content and information.)

Private Facebook for peer support and to share your celebrations and insights. All communication with me will be done via the FB group.

BONUS: A VIP monthly group coaching Q and A call via Zoom to support you in implementing the information and to see what’s going on for you personally.

These monthly calls will include a mix of coaching, teaching, and Energy Constellations and will last no longer than 90 minutes.

(If you can’t make the calls live (as many women live all over the world), you’ll be able to ask your questions in the private Facebook group.)

These monthly calls are a “bonus” to the self-study and will continue for as long as it feels aligned and beneficial. The first call starts Thursday, July 29th, @ 10 am PST. All group calls will be recorded.

My goal is for you to create a new normal, a new foundation for receiving what you desire in the areas that matter most in your life, whether it’s the man, money, clients, etc.

You have the ability to attract and have the most amazing life, business, romantic relationship, clients, receive many opportunities, and bring in thousands of additional dollars into your bank account this upcoming year and it starts and ends with healthy relationship dynamics.

***How do I get started right now?

Send me an email ( letting me know you’re interested in Receive and what is specifically drawing you to it (this helps me understand and know if it’s the right program for you). I’ll reply, usually with a few questions, and if I think it’s a fit, you can get started right away!