Highest Level Love


A 9 Month Program For Successful Women Who Are Ready To Attract An Empowered Masculine Energy Man!

You’ll discover exactly how to attract an empowered, masculine energy man (and money) to you, in the most effortless way. 

Highest Level Love is designed to support you in opening up your capacity to receive from the masculine so you can attract and have lasting love…

without going on tons of dates with men you’re not really attracted to… 

without wasting time and energy on potential (men who can’t give you what you want)… 

without guessing what a man thinks or how he feels about you… 

without wondering where the relationship is going…


Do you…


  • Feel beyond ready to be with your ideal partner already??
  • Try not to feel frustrated that it’s taking so long?
  • Wonder why it seems easier for other women but so much harder for you?
  • Sometimes worry you won’t attract an amazing man?
  • Question if you’re going to have to settle to be in a committed relationship?
  • Catch yourself doing self-sabotaging behaviors once you meet an amazing man?
  • Feel as if “you’re never enough” when things don’t work out (even though deep inside you know it’s not you)?

Here’s the truth that you feel deep inside.


You’re AWESOME! You don’t feel it in an egotistical way, but you truly feel that you’re an amazing catch, so it’s pretty disheartening that you haven’t found a partner to share your life with yet.


You have what you believe every man is looking for:


You take care of yourself.

You have so much love to give.

You make a steady income.

You’re always doing self-improvement.

You have a full, happy life.


The only missing piece is someone to share it with. You’re always looking for ways to make more money but having the love you want is the top priority in your life.




Jess attracted love within 6 weeks of our first coaching session (over two years ago) and they’re still going strong! (Getting married in February, 2020!)

Shelley attracted love within 5 weeks (over a year ago) and they’re still going strong!

Danielle attracted love within 2.5 months in my first 3 month program and they just celebrated their first year of marriage! (Have been together since 2014!)

Attracting And Having The Legendary Love You Want Is SO Much Easier When You Know What A Masculine Energy Man Will Do And Won’t Do. 

The “formula” for attracting your highest level love is a combination of your frequency, ability to respond to your intuition, and your awareness of what an empowered masculine energy man will do and what he won’t do. 

I’ve put together all the information and tools you need to know in order to attract an empowered masculine energy man. 


8 Pre-Recorded Video Lessons With PDF Trainings – 8 Modules 

In-depth video trainings over 8 modules, from the Intuition course and The Feminine Art Of Dating program. (Value: $3,000)

Module #1: Intuition Course


Learn the empowered and wounded masculine and feminine energy archetypes so you can recognize them and transform them within yourself and attract the love of your life.


Begin creating your own signature manifesting formula to attract the masculine to you.


Simple practices to begin doing on a daily basis to “lock in” your highest feminine frequency throughout the day.


4 Empowered Feminine Energy Activations to elevate your frequency, which includes mantras and the specific language of each archetype.

Module #2: Intuition Course


Recognize the different ways in which your intuition is communicating with you so you can manifest at a quicker, more exciting pace.


Learn how to activate your own empowered masculine energy so you attract the empowered masculine outside of you.


Begin to use “triggers” as a way to heal and elevate into the 5th dimension where you can collapse time and space, instead of allowing yourself to be pulled down to the lower energy frequencies.

Module #3: Intuition Course


Learn the differences between the 3rd dimension, 4th dimension and 5th dimension paradigms and how to shift out of survival and begin to thrive on a daily basis.

Module #4: Intuition Course


Learn how to recognize and respond to your intuition


Understand the differences between fear and intuition


Specific tools to enhance your intuition


How to inspire the empowered energies in other people


Specific questions to ask yourself if you’re questioning if it’s intuition or not


Allow more synchronicities into your life

Module #1: The Feminine Art Of Dating And Intuition Course have similar information


Learning the wounded and empowered archetypes are so important I cannot leave them out of any program.

Module #2: The Feminine Art Of Dating


Become aware of how the empowered feminine moves through the attraction process and how the wounded feminine moves through the attraction process. If you can become aware of your own pattern then you can quickly begin to shift it.


Learn the most powerful tool to become your most magnetic, irresistible, alluring self.


Know what to say from the very first contact, message, the first text, the first date, etc., to create the best possible outcome.


Receive the 8 top attraction triggers for EMPOWERED masculine energy men.


What to KNOW before you go on your very first date. (Your mindset to attract love.)


How to know if you should be online dating or not? Should you date multiple men at the same time?


The #1 mindset I have ALL my clients embody when they start working with me. This completely shifts your vibe into your empowered feminine energy.


Understand the “energy gap” between you and masculine energy.


Learn how long you should wait to hear from an empowered masculine energy man after the first date.


Navigate the first phone call like a Goddess.


Avoid creating an imaginary connection from the very beginning.


How a man moves through dating and getting to commitment and how it’s completely different than a woman.


Why you should never prompt or “help” a man ask you out, especially in the beginning.

Module #3: The Feminine Art Of Dating


Learn how a healthy, masculine energy man will move from the first contact to lifelong commitment. When you become aware of healthy masculine tendencies and wounded tendencies, you’ll no longer spend months or years investing your time and energy into a relationship that won’t last.


Understand a healthy masculine energy man’s timeline and how it’s different from yours. This changed everything for me. This will completely do away with ANY situation where you would end up blindsided.


Get the complete breakdown of what to know during each month of dating for the first 12 months. (My clients typically meet a man within 2-3 months and get engaged and married within 12-18 months after meeting.)

Module #4: The Feminine Art Of Dating


Learn how to communicate in a way that brings the right man closer.


Understand the energy exchange at a deep level so you can naturally communicate your needs, wants and desires in a way that always creates a new level of intimacy.


You’ll receive specific examples:

  • What to say if you’re not interested
  • You’re not ready for sex
  • He’s moody or his energy seems off


Learn the #7 red flags women typically miss and how to avoid attracting men who are emotionally unavailable, narcissistic, and/or have commitment issues.


 Q And A Coaching Calls

2 group coaching calls per month. (Value $9,000) 

Calls are recorded and posted on the private access page in your membership site.

We’ll officially start Wednesday, November 6th @ 12pm PST/3pm EST! (Our second call in November will be on the 20th.) The program will end July 1st, 2020.

For those who enroll early, we’ll have 2 bonus calls October 9th and October 23rd (same time as program).


Private Forum On Membership Site (No Facebook) 

Allows you to stay connected, ask questions and get feedback between live calls. (Value: Priceless) 

The Investment:
Pay In Full – $2,997 USD



Payment Plan:
$3,573 (9 Monthly Payments Of $397)



In order to make sure everyone is a good fit, please click on the button down below to fill out the application.

Imagine what could happen for you in the next 9 months when you implement the most powerful attraction formula possible! You’ll not only become a magnet for your highest level love, but also money, clients and sales too! 

Commonly Asked Questions:

If I can’t make the calls live will this program still be beneficial for me?


Yes, I’ve had so many women reach out to me letting me know they’ve attracted an amazing relationship simply from purchasing an eBook or program with no coaching. Imagine how much more quickly and effortlessly it can happen having my support via the private forum for the next 9 months?!

Many women who join my programs are unable to make the live calls and still receive and create amazing results!


If I’m already in a committed relationship will this program still benefit me?  


Yes! If you’re in a committed relationship but you don’t feel as connected as you really want, then receiving support on how to navigate this time is critical! This program will teach you skills and tools that will last a lifetime.


I’ve done a lot of inner work and tried everything it seems, will this program really help me?


In order to create the best results possible you must enter a coaching container with the belief/mindset that you have what it takes to attract what you want and you’re enlisting the support of someone who can guide you along the way. No coaching program can save you from yourself. This is the biggest downfall I see in why clients don’t receive incredible results.


What if I’ve already purchased the Intuition course and/or Feminine Art Of Dating program? 

I’d love to have you join! So much of integrating and embodying the empowered masculine and feminine is repetition and consistency with implementing the tools and information. There’s so much power in being in a group collective where everyone is focused on implementing the same information.

Here’s what more women have experienced during our time together… 

Highest Level Love will give you the answers and solutions you want if you’re looking to…

Attract an empowered masculine energy man


Learn your own specific formula for manifesting


Understand men on a deep level so you can have the connected, intimate relationship you truly want


Avoid creating imaginary relationships


Release the resistance keeping love at arm’s length


Remove the patterns keeping you from attracting men who can’t meet you on your level


Learn how to communicate without fear of “rocking the boat”, coming across needy, demanding, desperate or accidentally pushing a man way


See the red flags very early on


No more wasting time dating the wrong men


Feel confident and self assured that you can have the love you want because synchronicities are showing up all over the place


The Investment:
Pay In Full – $2,997 USD



Payment Plan:
9 Monthly Payments Of $397



In order to make sure everyone is a good fit, please click on the button down below to fill out the application.

If you have any questions before joining, please email us at leigha@leighalake.com.

Nine months is the amount of time it takes to create a new life. Give yourself the gift of time and watch the magic happen. What could happen in your life 9 months from now?